Christopher Marinangeli, PhD, RD

Protein Industries Canada

A Collaborative Role for Food Industry in Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Diets

The interplay between nutrition and environmental sustainability will be explored from the perspective of food innovation and the changing food environment. Nutrition will be positioned as a common denominator when contextualizing food’s position in sustainable food systems. The ability for food industry to leverage their innovation platforms and economies of scale will be discussed as an opportunity to facilitating the implementation of healthy and sustainable diets.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Chris Marinangeli has a PhD in human nutrition sciences and is a registered dietitian. He is a scientist and food industry professional across consumer-packaged goods and the Canadian agricultural sector. He is currently Director of the Centre for Regulatory Research and Innovation at Protein Industries Canada and has held senior positions at Pulse Canada, and Kellogg Canada. Chris is experienced at leveraging human nutritional sciences to address knowledge gaps that create new opportunities for sectoral differentiation and growth. He is also a recognized expert in national and international food regulations and currently serves on the Canadian Federation of Dietetics Research Scientific Review Committee.