Mojtaba Kaviani, Associate Professor

Nutrition and Dietetics
Acadia university

Exploring the Sweet Spot in Using Sports Supplements to Optimize Performance

This presentation explores the strategic use of sports supplements to enhance athletic performance effectively. It addresses the complex considerations involved in supplement selection, dosage, and timing to achieve optimal results while minimizing risks. The discussion begins by examining the growing trend of sports supplement usage among athletes and coaches seeking performance gains. It highlights the diverse range of supplements available, emphasizing their potential benefits and inherent limitations. A central focus of the presentation is on understanding the concept of the "sweet spot" in sports supplementation. This entails identifying the optimal combination of supplements tailored to individual athlete needs and training objectives. By analyzing scientific research and expert insights, attendees gain valuable insights into achieving this delicate balance for maximum performance enhancement. The presentation also emphasizes important considerations such as supplement safety, legality, and ethical implications. Attendees learn about the importance of informed decision-making and compliance with anti-doping regulations to safeguard athlete health and integrity. Through practical examples and case studies, the presentation offers actionable strategies for integrating sports supplements into training and competition routines. It emphasizes the importance of holistic approaches to performance optimization, encompassing nutrition, hydration, recovery, and lifestyle factors. In summary, this presentation serves as a comprehensive guide for athletes and coaches seeking to optimize sports supplement use for peak performance. By navigating the complexities of supplementation and embracing evidence-based practices, attendees can unlock their full athletic potential while prioritizing athlete health and well-being.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Dr. Mojtaba Kaviani is an Associate Professor in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University. He holds certification as a Certified Exercise Physiologist from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). As the lead of the sports nutrition group at Acadia University, Dr. Kaviani provides nutritional support to all varsity teams. His research primarily focuses on examining the physiological effects of nutrients and food components, either alone or in conjunction with physical activity, on overall health and athletic performance. Additionally, he investigates the impact of sport and dietary supplements on health and performance outcomes. Dr. Kaviani's research is informed not only by his academic expertise but also by his personal experience as a former varsity freestyle wrestler. This unique blend of academic rigor and personal insight informs both his research and teaching endeavors.