Doug Klein, Professor, Family Physician

Family Medicine
University of Alberta

Evolving Landscape of Glycemia: Insights into Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Glycemic Science and Health Implications

It’s been known for many years that metabolic health is a key indicator of overall health. Today, consumer interest in metabolic health, particularly glycemia, has risen to the forefront faster than the science has evolved.  This session will explore the growing market of metabolic health, glucose monitoring and the current landscape of scientific evidence related to glycemia and health.  The session also delves into the areas where further nutrition research is needed, and how healthcare providers can use this information in their practice.  ----- SESSION OUTLINE: Introduction to glycemia and glucose monitors; Landscape assessment of the market for measuring glucose & related health goals; Rise of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and current advances in technology; Where the science stands on glycemia and health outcomes; How CGMs may impact eating behavior and health outcomes; Implications for dietitians and other healthcare professionals ----- LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Evaluate the current state of scientific research regarding glycemia and its impact on health and behavior outcomes; Explore the current market landscape related to metabolic health and glucose monitoring technologies, recognizing the rapid consumer interest in this field; Gain insights into the advancements in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology and its implications for health management; Identify key areas where further research is needed in the field of glycemia; Recognize the practical implications of this knowledge for registered dietitians and other healthcare practitioners.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Dr. Doug Klein is a Professor with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. His research experience has included both qualitative and quantitative research methods. He has strong connections to primary care physicians through his work with Primary Care Networks in Alberta. Dr. Klein has expertise in behaviour change including the Theory of Planned Behaviour, often used in lifestyle interventions. He has been recruited for his experience in primary care research by provincial and national committees. Dr. Klein is a recognized expert on lifestyle intervention in primary care and has several ongoing research and health promotion projects based in primary care in Alberta. He founded Change Health Alberta ( a registered charity working to build healthy life skills for children and families.