Doug Klein, Professor, Family Physician

Family Medicine
University of Alberta

Food as Medicine: Connecting with the Land

Canadians are struggling to lead healthy lifestyles. The result is a growing prevalence of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease that account for 17% of all health care costs in Canada and tragically, 43% of all deaths. In this panel, we will bring Canadian experts in the Food as Medicine Movement, Land and Food Systems, and Adapting Lifestyle Programs for diverse populations. Each speaker will present a short overview of their work followed by a panel discussion on how these three topic interconnect in improving the cardiometabolic health of Patients across Canada. Objectives: 1. understand the Food is Medicine movement and it impact on the health system in Canada. 2. learn about how land and food systems are connected to the food we buy and how this is affecting our health. 3. learn how lifestyle interventions can be adapted for diverse population across Canada.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Dr. Doug Klein is a Professor with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. His research experience has included both qualitative and quantitative research methods. He has strong connections to primary care physicians through his work with Primary Care Networks in Alberta. Dr. Klein has expertise in behaviour change including the Theory of Planned Behaviour, often used in lifestyle interventions. He has been recruited for his experience in primary care research by provincial and national committees. Dr. Klein is a recognized expert on lifestyle intervention in primary care and has several ongoing research and health promotion projects based in primary care in Alberta. He founded Change Health Alberta ( a registered charity working to build healthy life skills for children and families.