Michael Von Massow, Professor

Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of Guelph

Solving the Food Consumer Sustainability Puzzle

Sustainability is an emerging issue in the food system. While consumers often say that sustainability is an important factor in their decisions, uptake of "sustainable" products is slower than hoped. This presentation will cover perspectives on how consumers make choices on sustainable foods and how we might influence their decisions towards more sustainable choices. Issues such as labelling, claims, and communication will be covered in an effort to provide insight into policy and personal approaches to improving the sustainability of the food system.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Mike is a Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph. Mike is interested in how people think about food with recent work focusing on labeling, alternative proteins, novel food products, animal welfare and antibiotic use.  Mike's research also considers the structure and performance of food value chains, including farm practices, as they evolve in response to changing consumer preferences and other factors. Mike speaks frequently to a variety of groups about issues relating to food and food production.  He has written for the Globe and Mail and other publications and is often quoted on radio and in the media.   As a frequent blogger with a strong presence on broadcast, print and social media, Mike committed to sharing research and perspective in a manner that helps to inform public policy and private strategy.  Mike has also introduced his FoodFocus Podcast to discuss issues of interest in the food space.