Mariette Abrahams, Founder of Qina, MBA, RD


Evolving Landscape of Glycemia: Insights into Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Glycemic Science and Health Implications

This presentation will explore the current market landscape of metabolic health and glucose monitoring technologies, recognizing the rapid consumer interest in this field. Topics that will be covered include the advancements of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, its implications for health management, and the current state of scientific research regarding glycemia and its impact on health and behavioral outcomes.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Mariƫtte Abrahams PhD MBA RD is the Founder of Qina, a platform that helps companies connect and innovate in Personalized nutrition. Mariette is also a a registered dietitian and has worked in the clinical and medical nutrition industry for over 20 years and leverages her combined expertise in nutrition, business and research to help businesses create the next generation of nutrition solutions at the intersection of health, technology and society. She is a regular speaker, moderator and guest lecturer in Personalized nutrition. She has a special interest in behaviour change, AI and ethics. She lives in Portugal with her family.