Garson Law, Program Manager

Research & Innovation

Emerging Robotics and Automation in Canadian Agriculture

I will provide a brief overview of the CAAIN's mandate and include a perspective meaningful to health and nutrition researchers in attendance. I will also provide a snapshot of emerging digital technologies related to agriculture and their significance in food production.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Garson Law has spent his entire adult life in a range of positions across the research continuum. His impressive portfolio includes diverse roles, ranging from graduate student to funding program administrator, with stops in between as academic researcher, industry funding partner, and project lead. Being active throughout the research spectrum has instilled in Garson a strong appreciation for, and deep understanding of, the needs and qualities of stakeholders along the innovation value chain, which makes him a valuable member of Team CAAIN. When not working, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors at home and abroad, as well as chasing balls, pucks, and curling stones. Garson can be reached at