Benoit Lamarche, Directeur scientifique

École de nutrition
Université Laval

Introducing AI in Food, Nutrition and Health

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming our society, with unparalleled opportunities of progress and applications in many healthcare fields, including nutrition research. This presentation aims to offer an overview of the current and future applications of AI and machine learning in nutrition research. Examples of applications in fields such as precision nutrition, dietary assessment, and the study of dietary patterns and their association with clinical outcomes will be provided. Challenges in harmonizing the cultures of AI and of more traditional analytical approaches will also be discussed.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Benoît Lamarche is Full Professor at the School of Nutrition and Scientific Director of the FRQS-funded Research Center on Nutrition, santé et société (NUTRISS). He has published more than 430 peer-reviewed papers on physiological, clinical, epidemiological and public health issues related to food and health. He has contributed the training of more than 70 MSc, PhD students and postdocs. He has received numerous awards, including awards from the Société Québécoise de lipidologie, nutrition et métabolisme (Prix des Fondateurs, 2013) and the Canadian Nutrition Society (Centrum New Investigator Award, 2011 and the Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Award, 2020). He has co-written two books with the acclaimed Chef Jean Soulard on the topics of nutrition, sport and health. Benoît Lamarche is an Olympian (1984, 1988) in long track speed skating.