Jordyn Stafford, Nunavik Food Security Manager

Prevention and Health Promotion
Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services

Food Sovereignty in Inuit Nunangat

Food insecurity among Inuit is a persistent public health issue that requires multidisciplinary and coordinated actions by various sectors. The factors causing food insecurity are interconnected and addressing them demands innovative and inclusive actions and investments that must be coordinated through a national strategy. The Inuit Nunangat Food Security Strategy (INFSS) and its Implementation Plan enable Inuit to work together using a distinction- and strengths-based approach that builds on existing food security measures. Improving food security is a shared priority across Inuit Nunangat, and the INFSS offers solutions that can be adapted to the unique circumstances of each Inuit Nunangat region. This session will dive into the context and key determinants driving the high rates of Inuit food insecurity. We will introduce the concept of Inuit food sovereignty and discuss solutions that are driven by the Inuit community to improve food security and create a sustainable food system in Inuit Nunangat. To conclude, we will review current programs, policies, and initiatives at national, regional, and community levels. This will allow researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers to gain a better understanding of the gaps and key challenges in Inuit Nunangat. Our goal is to advance Inuit food sovereignty throughout Inuit Nunangat by securing a sustainable food system that reflects our societal values, supports our well-being, and ensures our access to affordable, nutritious, safe, and culturally preferred foods.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Jordyn leads the Food Security and Nutrition team at the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services. Working closely with partners at the local, federal and circumpolar level her work centres around supporting community food projects to strengthen food security through an Inuit-lead approach. She holds a Combined Honours Bachelor of Science in sustainability and environmental science from Dalhousie University in Atlantic Canada, where she focused on sustainable food systems. Jordyn was designated as a 2024 Arctic Frontier's Emerging Leader. Her passion both in work and life, sits at the intersection of food and the environment.