Carlene Johnson Stoklossa, Registered Dietitian

Nutrition Services (AHS)
AFNS (University of Alberta)

Sarcopenic obesity during aging and in clinical conditions: Understanding the complex relationship, diagnosis and treatment

Sarcopenic obesity is a hidden condition where low muscle mass, high fat mass, and low strength coexist and is associated with even worse adverse outcomes than either isolated condition, such as frailty, lower quality of life, increased cardiometabolic disorders/events, and mortality risk. Sarcopenic obesity is an age-related condition, however, the risk for onset and progression is increased in the presence of chronic diseases, such as cancer and osteoarthritis, and post-bariatric surgery, after massive and rapid weight loss. This session will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of sarcopenic obesity in clinical conditions, from its causes and health implications to evidence-based interventions involving nutrition, exercise, and pharmacological approaches. Attendees will be provided with insights on how to implement the acquired knowledge into clinical practice, starting with the application of proper assessments for screening and diagnosis, and feasible treatments for sarcopenic obesity in the context of chronic disease management and aging. Learning Objectives: 1) Explore the definition, causes, and health implications of sarcopenic obesity, while exploring proper assessment methods for screening and diagnosis 2) Understand the complex relationship of sarcopenic obesity and clinical conditions (e.g., osteoarthritis, post-bariatric surgery, and cancer) 3) Discuss evidence-based interventions for sarcopenic obesity treatment, in the context of chronic disease management and aging

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Carlene Johnson Stoklossa (she/her) is a Registered Dietitian II and Team Lead in Ambulatory Chronic Disease Management for Edmonton Zone with Alberta Health Services. She started her academic training at the University of Western Ontario with a BA Psychology and a Diploma in Health Promotion and Education. She completed her BSc Dietetics and dietetic internship in Vancouver, BC before moving to Alberta. She has over 20 years’ experience as a clinician with most of her experience in ambulatory specialty care. Since pioneering the nutrition program at the Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta in 2002, she has been actively involved in setting best practice guidelines and supporting health care providers and patients with evidence-based practice. Carlene has collaborated on several peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and clinical guidelines for nutrition and obesity. Her passion for learning led her to University of Alberta to complete her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Metabolism with Dr. Carla Prado focusing on sarcopenic obesity. She is also a proud co-author for the 2020 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Adult Obesity – Medical Nutrition Therapy chapter, recently updated in 2023 with international adaptations in Ireland and Chile.