Fabio Araujo, Clinical Dietitian, RD, MHS

Nutrition Services
Alberta Health Services

Critical care nutrition research at the bedside: challenging, but worth it.

Dietitians take pride in following evidence-based practice but should also be involved in the creation of this evidence. Reconciling clinical practice and clinical research is challenging, but worth the effort. In this talk, the presenter will use a real-life example to discuss the struggles and rewards of conducting critical care research while maintaining a clinical case load. Learning objectives: 1. Discuss how a to turn an idea into a research question. 2. List common barriers and solutions to contributing to evidence-based practice. 3. Share the results of a study investigating protein intake and functional capacity of critically ill patients with prolonged stay.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Fabio Araujo is a registered dietitian with Alberta Health Services at the Peter Lougheed Centre ICU in Calgary, Alberta. He has almost 20 years of experience with critical care nutrition and functions as the lead for the development and implementation of local policies and protocols to improve ICU nutrition adequacy in Calgary. His research interests include critical care nutrition support, protein, and malnutrition.