Amy Kirkham, Assistant Professor, PhD

Kinesiology & Physical Education
University of Toronto

Nutrition Nuts and Bolts in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Scientific Evidence and Current Format

This presentation will describe the role of nutrition therapy as a core component of cardiac rehabilitation. It will description the various formats of nutrition offered within different programs and both patient and system level barriers to providing optimal nutrition therapy within the cardiac rehabilitation setting. Finally, the scientific evidence for the effects of nutrition therapy as a component of cardiac rehabilitation will be reviewed as well as available evidence for specific nutrition approaches.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Dr. Amy Kirkham is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Cardiovascular Health in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education at the University of Toronto, an Affiliate Scientist with the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and Heart and Stroke Foundation National New Investigator. Dr. Kirkham’s research program aims to characterize the intersection of cancer, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease in women and to develop lifestyle interventions including exercise, diet (e.g., intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet), and multi-modal rehabilitation, to prevent or ameliorate underlying cardiometabolic dysfunction. Dr. Kirkham’s assessment approach is comprehensive and holistic, encompassing the use of biological samples, real-time biosensors (e.g., continuous glucose monitors, physical activity trackers), cardiopulmonary exercise testing, state-of-the-art magnetic resonance and ultrasound imaging techniques, and patient-reported outcomes. Her research program is funded by CIHR, NSERC, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Cancer Research Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and Diabetes Canada.