Chelsia Gillis, Assistant Professor / RD PhD CNSC

School of Human Nutrition
McGill University

From clinical practice to clinical research. Bring on the dietitians!

Evidence from randomized clinical trial informs us that patients have superior outcomes when an individualized nutrition regimen is designed and monitored by a dietitian. Regardless, nutrition research initiatives are typically led by physicians, who may or may not have bedside clinical experience to understand and consider nuances. Dietitians take pride in following evidence-based practice but should also be involved in the creation of this evidence. We will share our experiences leading research initiatives in the surgical ward and ICU, while still managing a clinical case load.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Chelsia Gillis is an Assistant Professor at McGill University in the School of Human Nutrition with Associate Appointments in Anesthesia and Surgery. She is a Registered Dietitian and has a PhD in Epidemiology. She is an expert in surgical nutrition and currently functions as the Director of Perioperative Medical Research at the PeriOperative Program at the McGill University Health Centre. Her research interests include prehabilitation, malnutrition, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, and patient engagement.